F1 Student Visa

An F1 Student Visa can be issued quickly and allows the holder to enter the U.S legally as a full time academic or language student who is already enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate. You can legally work on campus or get special permission to work off campus if the job provides you with related training. You may also work off campus if it is proven necessary for personal funding but you must aquire permission in both cases. F-1 visa holders may travel to and from the U.S or remain there till the completion of studies. Visas are also available for accompanying relatives.

F-1 Limitations

Before applying for an F1 visa you must already be enrolled by an approved school in the U.S and once you are, you can apply for student status without leaving the US. Accompanying relatives may not work while staying in the U.S. Without special permission, you cannot work legally off campus. Applicants must be fully aware that any violation of conditions could lead to deportation and denial of further entry into the country for several years.

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